Why is My Poop Green?

I remember one vacation I spent at the countryside. The food was different, the water tasted sweeter, but something was not right. That next day I found myself asking – why is my poop green? Most of us have come across individuals complaining of green poop. As much as it sounds sarcastic and absurd, certain factors lead to this condition. Now the question arises, what is the science behind green poop and what really causes it?

The science behind green poop

The science behind green poop is exciting and interesting. According to nutrition specialists, brown poop is the healthiest poop one can have. The explanation behind this fact is; a pigment called bilirubin is formed after the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver or the bone marrow. This pigment triggers bacteria to form in the large intestines.

The bacteria is responsible for turning the color of poop to brown. The failure of this pigment to form, is one cause of green poop. Food mixes with bile, which is green in color, before entering the long intestines. When food passes through the long intestines fast, it has no time to turn brown and therefore the color of the poop. Although science has its explanation to this condition, other causes of green poop also exist.

Causes of green poop

Green poop can be scary to the eyes of an individual for the first time. Scientists and nutritionists have explained that diet plays a vital role in determining the color of poop. Green poop for example has been explained to occur after taking a heavy vegetable diet. The green and leafy vegetables are said to maintain the green color throughout the digestion process.

Iron supplements are also proven causes of green poop. A diet excess in iron may lead to the inability of the body to absorb it all. The remains of iron will stain the poop green and hence its color. Eating large quantities of food coloring has also been proven to cause green poop. A low concentration of bilirubin in the body is too a cause of green poop. This condition is called diarrhea.


Although green poop might appear weird, there are other varying colors of poop which might have a eerie appearance. There is; dark red, brown and black. Information on the science behind green poop and its causes is essential. It will save you the embarrassment, if you experience it after reading this informative piece.

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