Talk About PHP or Writing?

Jeff on Babel expressed an interest in talking about the blogging experience in terms of the different types of software; drupal, mt, etc..

That kind of feeds into the argument of blog as technology versus blog as rhetorical space. To some, a blog is the software and the user’s experience with the software, and because of that they focus on the technology that makes blogs possible.

To others, blogs are experiential in terms of an individual’s relationship to a blog as relationship, whether as an individual or one of a community.

I think I’d like to stay away from the technology experience. I’m as geeky as the next gal (ok, maybe more so), but I would really like to contribute more to the discussion about what people do when they blog. I’m most interested in group blogging and blogging as dialogue, since it relates to a looser definition of “argument.”

I think getting bogged down in the technical details sets up for that criticism of “we’re talking about technology and not writing.”

I’d rather talk about blogging as writing.

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